At Towne Pest Control, we know every homeowner craves a gorgeous green and weed-free lawn. We also are aware that many of the issues that keep lawns from fleurishing are due to pest activity. Most lawn companies just don't have the necessary knowledge to tackle some of pest problems that we are seeing in customer's lawns today. Who better to treat your lawn than someone who is licensed in both pest and turf? Our 40 years of experience in pest control has given us the confidence and knowledge to tackle any lawn issue that you might have. The time and money you save hiring one company to take care of it all is priceless.

We back our lawn services with our amazing customer service and guarantee. We don't just treat your lawn and leave, we come back and check on it and make sure you are happy and when we're in the neighborhood servicing other customer we check your lawn again and make sure it's becoming the healthy, green, weed-free lawn you are craving.