Around this area we have six species of ants that infest our homes. For every ant you see walking across your floor, there is a colony of thousands hiding in one of your wall voids. Pavement ants, odorous house ants and Pharaoh ants are after your food, while destructive carpenter ants will chew studs and door casing to carve out new homes for their colonies.

Spraying with over the counter insecticides might seem like it has taken care of the job for a few days but what you have actually done is upset the colony and caused them to bud off into many smaller colonies in a different area. Over the counter insecticide, while providing an initial relief, actually create a bigger problem.

Towne Pest Control is armed with the latest advancements in insecticides, termiticides and baits to combat your ant problem. We identify the ant species and create a control plan that will meet your needs. 

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